Life is short. Do Pilates.

Life truly is a short ride. Some are fortunate in that they are here for 90 or 100 years, while others have their lives cut short in their prime. My elder brother was one of the unlucky ones – a motorcycle accident at age 21 left us without him.  He would be 54 if he was still here… it’s been a long time. I always feel sad on the days that were like the one he died – May 28, 1982 – I will never forget that day or how the sun and heat felt. I marvel at the passage of time and how it does seem to speed up year after year. As a young adult, I used to laugh at my parents when they remarked at how time actually speeds up the older you get, but they were right.

Sadly, I have lost too many friends and family over the years and it always gives me pause to realize how lucky we are to be alive – life always feels short as one ponders its end. Just last week, my eldest client aged 84 died of complications from a surgery he needed. It has been a hard week.  His family is sad and I am sad, even though we all know he had a rewarding, full and fairly long life. He did Pilates with me almost every week when he was in Toronto. Sometimes it was standing, in a chair or in his bed, but we always got him moving in some way for 5 to 30 minutes.  We always laughed and talked while we moved and stretched.

When we lose people, we remember that life is finite.  I have been reminded again this week of how lucky I am to be here, to be able to do Pilates on my own and with my fabulous clients. So, I encourage you to remember too that life is short.

Life is short. Do Pilates. Feel better.

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