About Flex Pilates

Flex Pilates offers mat and reformer Pilates classes, as well
as flexibility, strength and conditioning classes for athletes.

All levels are welcome! Whether you want to strengthen your “core,” tone your body, improve your posture, flexibility
and balance, recover from an injury, or just move more freely
and easily, Flex Pilates can help you reach your goals.

Flex Pilates specializes in helping people reach their full potential. With personalized attention through private one-on-one
instruction, as well as duets/trios/small groups, the focus is on
your individual needs and goals.  We want to help you realize how strong and supple you can be – we will work together to achieve greater strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness
and muscle control.

Flex Pilates was started to provide clients with opportunities
to really understand and learn more about how their
individual bodies move, to achieve their goals and have fun!
So, if you are looking for gentle and supportive instructors to help you get back into shape, begin anew or enhance your
exercise program, we look forward to adding some
flex into your routine!

For more information or to discuss your needs,
call 647-300-3594 or email: robin@flexpilates.ca

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”
– Joseph Pilates

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